This spec covers the work required to allow review UIs to more easily handle dynamic rendering operations. For instance, re-rendering text based on selected options.

Today, review UIs are fairly static by default. Some, like Power Pack's PDF review UI, or the Image review UI, have a level of interactivity, but depend either on the existing APIs or custom URLs defined in a non-standard way.

This project aims to enhance the base review UI support in the following ways:

  1. Allowing review UIs to provide a list of (relative) URLs they want to register, along with the methods that will be handling requests to those URLs

And to specifically enhance text-based review UI support:

  1. Providing some standard URLs for re-rendering source text and rendered text, which subclasses can take advantage of to provide different rendering options
  2. Adding a standard template block/<div> in the base text.html template for providing basic controls (like checkboxes or dropdowns) that affect rendering
  3. Adding JavaScript-side methods to easily request a re-render based on provided options (which subclasses can specify based on checkboxes or other controls)

(We will refer to these as Base(1), Text(1), Text(2), and Text(3).)

Design Considerations

It's important that we don't design ourselves into a corner. For instance, we don't want to make an assumption that text-based rendering options are going to be limited to checkboxes, or that the display of those options are going to always be represented in the same way. This can make it more difficult to change things down the road.